How long will it take to receive my order?

 Standard Shipping Times

We ship both domestically (USA) and internationally! For domestic orders, once your order is produced, packages can take between 2 to 4 days to arrive in your hands from our production facility in Miami, FL. For international orders, packages take up to 20 business days to arrive.

 Production Times

Our standard production time takes up to 3 business days. Our custom made products go through a few steps before they are packaged up and sent to you. Keep in mind that we need to crop the image, pair it with your design, send it to our production team, and then press the design onto the material. Please note this does not include the ship time. 

 So, once you place the order, taking in count the production time plus shipping time, the package will arrive to your door in 6 days.

 How much is shipping?

For our US customers, we offer FREE shipping. The shipping cost for our international customers depends on the destination of the order. If you’d like to see how much international shipping will be to your destination, please add an item to your cart and enter a shipping address into our shipping calculator. 

Typically, international shipping is $15.99. If there are any issues with delivery to your country, our Customer Service Team will contact you immediately.

Can I change the destination country on my order?

After placing your order, you may not change your shipping from domestic to international and vice versa.

NOTE: All prices on our site are USD. Once you complete your transaction, it will charge your card in your respective currency.  

Clara 8a (Clara Ochoa)

Striking Harmony Between the Fashion Industry & Our Planet

The world of fashion ranks fourth on the list of most environmentally damaging industries. It makes up for a whopping 10% of humanity's carbon emissions!

Seeing such a beautiful art form cause so much destruction caused me to rethink how I dress.

 Clothing should be fun, not destructive.

That's why we launched CLARA 8A (Clara Ochoa), to provide fashion-lovers with a colorful wardrobe they can be proud of!

Our goal is to become the world's #1 ethical clothing brand. We design colorful outfits & unisex clothing with one-of-a-kind patterns & ethical textiles. They're all made in-house using recycled bottles (they look better on us than in the ocean!)

Today, we're designing ethical clothing with inspiration from nature, art, & music such as James Brown, Gene Kelly & Huey Lewis and the News (you can see this inspiration in many of our pieces.)

So if you're looking for a sustainable fashion designer, browse collection, 'BLOOM'