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Sustainable Clothing for the Bold & Colorfull

Beautiful designs using in-house fabrics derived from recycled bottles

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Introducing BLOOM, our debut collection of conscious clothing inspired by love, music, & art!

From a young age, the beauty of our planet has been a huge inspiration for us. So when we started CLARA 8A (Clara Ochoa), we knew it had to be sustainable & eco-friendly!

We craft all of our colorful outfits from an in-house fabric derived from recycled bottles. Combine that ethos with our inspiration for music, art, & nature, and CLARA 8A (Clara Ochoa) is born.

Whether it's a unisex coat, shirt, shorts, or scarf, we have a stunning piece that you'll be proud to wear!

Recycling materials to take care of the planet and you!

Feel the music in our collections

The clothing industry is one of the worst offenders for wreaking environmental havoc. We wear things once or twice, and before we know it, it's on its way to a landfill.

 At CLARA 8A (Clara Ochoa), we design sustainable clothing from recycled bottles that look wonderful & last a lifetime in your closet rather than a landfill!


"I fell in love with it at the moment I saw it. I had to support a local artist and the fact that you are conscious of the environment. I've already worn it twice last week and I got so many compliments"

Emily Wong

"I have never loved a shirt as much as this one. Your styles are so flattering and trendy. I'm so glad I found your brand"

Renee Miller

This brand is perfect for me. It's also comfy, eco-friendly and ethical – what more could you want?”

Kayla Thompson

Sustainable fashion

Our fabrics are made with recycled polyster that actively reduce harm to the planet

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