Clara 8a (Clara Ochoa)

Striking Harmony Between the Fashion Industry & Our Planet

The world of fashion ranks fourth on the list of most environmentally damaging industries. It makes up for a whopping 10% of humanity's carbon emissions!

Seeing such a beautiful art form cause so much destruction caused me to rethink how I dress.

 Clothing should be fun, not destructive.

That's why we launched CLARA 8A (Clara Ochoa), to provide fashion-lovers with a colorful wardrobe they can be proud of!

Our goal is to become the world's #1 ethical clothing brand. We design colorful outfits & unisex clothing with one-of-a-kind patterns & ethical textiles. They're all made in-house using recycled bottles (they look better on us than in the ocean!)

Today, we're designing ethical clothing with inspiration from nature, art, & music such as James Brown, Gene Kelly & Huey Lewis and the News (you can see this inspiration in many of our pieces.)

So if you're looking for a sustainable fashion designer, browse collection, 'BLOOM'